The 10 Commandments of Beginner Banting-Best Weight Loss Program

The first thing you need to remember is that weight loss is unique to everyone. For this reason, we developed the phases of Banting 2.0 to cater for your individual needs on your road to Awesome Weight and awesome health. Jonno

During your first few months at Real Meal Revolution, you’ll most likely experience dramatic weight loss as your body adapts to our program.

What we’ve found is that as time goes by, some Revolutionaries can reach a frustrating plateau.

The key to mastering the plateau is to use it as an opportunity to listen to your body and learn from it.

Even if you are following the Banting 2.0 Real Lists to a T and you are obeying the rules of each phase, you might be able to accelerate your weight loss even more.

Scrutinising your diet closely may give you insights that you may have missed in the past. Perhaps a food you’re eating contains hidden carbs, or you are unknowingly eating foods you are allergic to. There’s no telling until you take the time to get real with yourself and with what you’re eating.

Below is our list of the 10 extra rules to pay close attention to if you are struggling to lose.

The ten commandments of Beginner Banting

  1. Eat enough animal fat.This is central to Banting. Saturated fat is NOT bad for you and you can totally eat it. Small amounts at a time help make you feel full and can stop you from overeating. So long as you are sticking to the phase-appropriate guidelines of Banting 2.0, you will be right on track.
  2. Eat enough vegetables.Vegetables should make up the bulk of your diet, which means you’ve got to eat them with every meal. Green vegetables are the best because they are generally lower in carbs and full of nutrients. Have a look through all of the different vegetables on the Green List, and make sure that you have enough variety in your diet.
  3. Don’t snack. During Observation (the first phase of Banting 2.0), you can eat pretty much whatever you want, while snacking to your heart’s content. In the second phase, Restoration, you may need to snack periodically, if only to keep your sanity. Make sure that you have Banting-friendly snacks at hand; we have loads of recipes for these snacks in our Online Program. By the time you reach Transformation, the epic weight loss and fat burning phase, you won’t need to snack. So, snacking becomes a thing of the past, along with your excess weight and poor health.
  4. Don’t lie to yourself. Watch out for carbs disguised as proteins. Eating carbs that are perceived to be proteins, like legumes, baked beans, peanuts (allowed during Restoration) and quinoa (Preservation only), will undermine your attempts to burn fat. Pay attention to which lists you are allowed to eat from and in which phase. For more info on this, download the lists here and have a look at the phase lines on the bottom of the page.
  5. Don’t over- or under-eat.New Revolutionaries get nervous about the idea of not snacking and tend to go overboard at mealtimes to overcompensate. Don’t worry about this. It takes practice and you will soon improve your aim. But remember, never force food down your throat. When you are full, stop eating! If you don’t feel like eating a meal, skip it.
  6. Don’t eat too much protein. We cannot stress this enough. Banting 2.0 is NOT high-protein eating. The different phases of Banting 2.0 call for different levels of protein but in general, Real Meal Revolution endorses a low-carb, healthy fat diet and not a high protein diet. When you take our program, your protein consumption should be unaffected or even reduced.
  7. Be alert! Many ostensibly ‘healthy’ products and ready-made meals are laced with carbs. Before you buy something, check the label. If the carb content is higher than 5g per 100g or the label lists anything on the Very Red list, don’t buy it and be sure only to buy items containing Light Red and Orange B items in the appropriate phases. Try to buy foods that don’t have labels. The best ‘real foods’ don’t have labels. At Real Meal Revolution we live by the mantra – “If you couldn’t have made it at home, probably stay away!”
  8. Avoid too many fruits and nuts. Although all four of the Banting 2.0 phases allow for various quantities of fruit, it is full of natural fructose (the substance that makes it sweet). Fructose is perceived to be ‘good sugar’ but sugar is sugar regardless of its perceived ‘goodness’ and, while natural sugar is far preferable to refined sugar, its consumption needs to be strictly controlled. Of all the fruits, berries are best, but even berries need to be restricted in some cases. For limits, check out the different quantities on the Banting 2.0 Real Lists and how they correlate with the phases. Nuts are lower in carbs and great snack foods, but you must not go overboard. Nuts may cause weight gain in some individuals. That’s why we’ve also limited them during Transformation, the weight loss phase. Macadamias are best as they are loaded with healthy fat and almonds are packed with fibre and goodness. Always choose raw nuts in preference to commercially roasted nuts (which are actually deep fried – unless they are specified as ‘dry-roasted’).
  9. Control your dairy. Although dairy is good for you, it does contain lactose, which is a sugar, which can be a stumbling block for most people. When you hit Transformation, the rapid weight-loss phase, you will cut down on dairy to a quarter cup per day. Generally, higher fat dairy is lower in lactose, and the grading looks like this: From most to least lactose – low-fat milk, full cream milk, double thick yoghurt, fresh cream, butter, clarified butter. Butter for the win.
  10. Be strong! Setting goals correctly and putting structures in place to achieve them is something Real Meal Revolution takes very seriously. Even the best archer in the world can’t hit the target if she can’t see it. The Summons and The Trinity of Member Success are just two of the essential goal setting tools that keep you locked onto your goals and driven to achieve them.


Watch what you drink. We’re faced with a dilemma here. We’re trying to promote health and overall well-being so promoting booze is not in our interest as alcohol is highly toxic. Dry wines, most spirits, low energy beers and a few other drinks are safe BUT that is only from a carb perspective. Alcopops, normal beer, any spirit mixer or cocktail will halt any weight loss you’re experiencing. It’s easy for us to promote low-carb alcoholic beverages but one needs to remember that a low-carb 5% vol. beer is still 5% toxic. Alcohol is also really good at draining motivation, lowering inhibitions, impairing driving ability and and and… So we leave drinking up to you. Consider the Eleventh Commandment our “drinking disclaimer”.




Lupus Symptoms-13 Ways to Spot Lupus Disease Early- Term life

About 1.5 million Americans have lupus disease and nine out of every 10 are women, according to the Lupus Foundation of America. Surprisingly, in two separate conversations about this autoimmune disease — one with a patient, the other with a specialist nurse — the word most frequently spoken was “unpredictable.”

“It’s a disability that you cannot describe because the whole thing about lupus is it’s so unpredictable,” Mallory Dixon, 29, told Medical Daily.

Describing her personal experience, she speaks with the lightest Southern lilt and sounds both young and purposeful at once. In the photograph attached to her email, an attractive, petite brunette with a taste for stylish clothes smiles broadly.

Among the ways lupus cannot be predicted is it strikes at any age, with little racial or ethnic preference, Dixon explains. Worst of all, symptom severity not only varies from patient to patient but also over a person’s lifespan, something she experienced first-hand. Though her doctors identified rheumatoid arthritis when she was 17 years old, Dixon continued to experience lupus symptoms that could not be explained for years.

“One of my doctors told my parent I might need to see a therapist,” she said.

Eventually — six years after her original arthritis diagnosis — a doctor added up her many symptoms, her medical history, and diagnosed lupus. Still, two years later, feeling miserable and finding it difficult to breathe, she knew something had gone terribly wrong. She picked herself up and went to the hospital.

“The night before, I was afraid to go to sleep,” Dixon said. “I tried to downplay the pain, but I had the feeling I was dying.”

Tragically, she was. Arriving at the hospital, she “technically” died, was brought back to life, and then didn’t walk outside again for 86 days. During this most painful period of her life, she fell into a coma, spent time on a ventilator, received chemotherapy, and was treated with dialysis. Later, she learned her pain and symptoms stemmed from the fact that the lupus disease had moved into her kidneys and they were “shutting down.”

“They do think with early prevention we can keep lupus from spreading to organs like the kidneys or in some cases, a patient’s heart or brain,” Dixon said. This is why she believes her most important mission is to “educate young women about what to look for.”

Lupus Symptoms: How it Can Affect Your Life

lupus symptoms

The Signs of Lupus

“Debilitating fatigue” is one of the very first signs of lupus Sarah Stothers, RN, names. Talking with Medical Daily from the Lupus Foundation of America where she works as a national nurse health educator, she lists the most common lupus symptoms (for both females and males):

  • Extreme tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Painful or swollen joints
  • Fever
  • Anemia
  • Swelling in the feet, legs, hands, and/or around eyes
  • Pain in chest when breathing deeply
  • Sun- or light-sensitivity
  • Hair loss
  • Abnormal blood clotting
  • Fingers turning white and/or blue when cold
  • Mouth or nose ulcers
  • A butterfly-shaped rash across the cheeks and nose (in earlier times this common rash reminded physicians of a wolf’s bite hence the name “lupus,” Latin for “wolf”

“Some people look completely normal yet they feel awful,” said Stothers, who added “doing the smallest task is impossible.” The disease is often isolating, she explains, “because you look so normal on the outside, and that’s probably the biggest thing: ‘But you look completely fine!’”

Called “the great imitator,” lupus symptoms often mimic those of some heart, lung, muscle, and bone diseases as well as blood disorders, diabetes, thyroid problems, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. This sharing of symptoms suggests to some scientists lupus is connected to autoimmune and hormonal disorders.

“Lupus does not run in my family,” Dixon said. “The only thing that does run in my family is psoriasis, which is another autoimmune disorder.”

And This is Key: Because many lupus disease patients are diagnosed with “a second or third autoimmune disorder” at some point in their lives, anyone who is diagnosed with one of these diseases (or whose family history contains one) should be on the lookout for lupus symptoms. By catching it early, Dixon said, you may be able to avoid a dramatic flare-up like the one that nearly killed her.

(The most common autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, celiac disease, pernicious anemia, vitiligo, scleroderma, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel diseases, Hashimoto’s disease, Addison’s disease, Graves’ disease, Sjögren’s syndrome, and type 1 diabetes. In each of these disorders, the immune system mistakenly attacks bodily tissues as if they were germs, viruses, or other foreign invaders).

Lupus: Causes and Treatments

“We know there’s a genetic component to lupus,” said Stothers, whose voice radiates intelligence and compassion. She explains how simply carrying the gene does not mean you will develop lupus, environment and hormones also play a role. Specifically, scientists believe estrogen is involved, due to the higher incidence among women and the average age range for diagnosis.

“It is predominately diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 44,” said Stothers, who added, “that’s the time when women are most fertile.” In fact, many women are first diagnosed while pregnant or after giving birth, when their hormones are in flux, she says. Still, Stothers has seen patients diagnosed in their 70s and 80s (and here she uses the word “unpredictable”), so even this is not entirely definite.

Here are some great diet tips on foods that can help with managing lupus symptoms.

Support for Individuals with Lupus Disease

Patients often live long, productive, and happy lives, says Stothers, but to stay healthy, they must monitor their own lupus symptoms as does Dixon. Though she gave up her dream of a high-powered fashion career in New York City, she continues to work from home while advocating for the Lupus Foundation. Naturally, though, self-awareness can be challenging in a busy world, a busy life.

“That’s the hard thing with lupus, the unknown of when you’re going to have a really bad flare-up,” said Dixon, who explained that patients have mild, moderate, or severe flare-ups at any time. “Everyone has to figure out her own triggers,” she said, explaining how stress, the common cold, and working too hard are hers.

Generally, Stothers finds lupus patients to be “very type A people” who may need some help, but “somehow they make it work. People with lupus are probably the most courageous people I’ve ever met and the most in tune with their bodies,” she said. “I am very much privileged to know them.”

While Stothers and health care professionals like her offer compassion and lend emotional support, Dixon who is grateful for the support she receives from family, friends, and the Lupus Foundation, tells patients they must become their own “biggest cheerleader.”

“At the end of the day, you’re going to be the one to get yourself out of bed,” Dixon said.

Source: http://theheartysoul.com


Super easy bacon tacos in a provolone cheese shell- Best Weight Loss Program

Recipe from Kathryn

Bacon Tacos….

To make the shells….

Easy Provolone Taco Shells- Best Weight Loss Program

Low Carb Provolone Taco Shells

Round Provolone Cheese slices (I bought mine at Costco)
Garlic powder
Mexican Spices

Oven 350 degrees

Place Parchment paper on a cookie sheet, spray with cooking spray…. Evenly space 3 slices of Provolone Cheese on the parchment.. Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder and Mexican spices…. I used a salt-free Mexican seasoning blend, from “The Spice Hunter”, bought at my local Co-op…..Bake for 10-11 minutes until color is right…Then, I immediately picked up each shell and place over the edge of a foil thickened edge of a pan to cool….you must do this quickly so they won’t crack as they cool quickly and harden…..

I will now fill these tonight for dinner…. with taco fillings!…. Yummy!

Makes 3 shells….
each shell= 50 cal/ 0 net carbs/12 fat/11 prot.


Fill with Bacon, cheese, cilantro, avocado, sour cream and taco sauce…. Delicious!

Source: http://kathrynslowcarbkitchen.blogspot.com

Easy Provolone Taco Shells- Best Weight Loss Program

Provolone Taco Shells

Round Provolone Cheese slices
…(I bought mine at Costco-BelGioioso Cheese Slice Mild Provolone Cheese)
Garlic powder
Mexican Spices

Oven 375 degrees

Place Parchment paper on a cookie sheet….Spray lightly with nonstick cooking spray. Evenly space 3 slices of Provolone Cheese on the parchment.. Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder and Mexican spices…. I used a salt-free Mexican seasoning blend, from “The Spice Hunter”, bought at my local Co-op…..Bake for 9-10 minutes until color is right…Then, I immediately picked up each shell with a straight edged spatula and place over the edge of a foil thickened edge of a pan to cool….you must do this quickly so they won’t crack as they cool quickly and harden…..
Now fill these with taco fillings!…. Yummy!

This is my favorite cheese to use!… It works the best that I have tried so far…. BelGioioso Cheese Slice Mild Provolone Cheese from Costco…


I now use this pan… It is called “Quick Taco”….. I turn it UPSIDE-DOWN, and use it to cool my cooked shells on…WORKS GREAT!!!
(Makes 3 shells….each shell= 50 cal/ 0 net carbs/12 fat/11 prot.)
*Beef Taco Recipe…

Source: http://kathrynslowcarbkitchen.blogspot.com


Fan VS Rameez Raja in PSL

Asad Shafiq is a very talented Pakistani batsman. In previous matches Asad Shafiq haven’t shown any good performance. Pakistan Head Coach Micky Arthur says about Asad Shafiq that He reminds him of Sachin Tendulkar. Asad Shafiq is a classy batsman. Asad Shafiq always help Pakistan team when the team needs him.

In the First Test against Australia, Pakistan Team fought really well in their second innings. Australia set a target of 490. Pakistan made 450. This is the 4th highest score in fourth innings in a Test match. Pakistan’s Asad Shafiq made fantastic 137. Asad Shafiq becomes first batsman to score 9 centuries batting at No 6. Asad Shafiq named Man of the Match for his brilliant Ton. Not only Pakistanis but all the players appreciated Asad’s Shafiq knock. Pakistan Team celebrated Asad Shafiq’s ton in the dressing room.

Asad innings was the bench mark for the whole test. There were a lot of other performances from the Australian side as well. Smith had a hundred in the first innings and then a fifty in the second innings. Starc took wickets in both the innings. But at the presentation ceremony Mark Nicholas said that Asad Innings was the best of them all.

Asad was named man of the match and it was a proud moment for him and all the Pakistani fans. His hundred was already celebrated in the dressing room last night. The whole Pakistani team and the management were in there. Asad cut the cake and presented the first piece to his skipper. Misbah gave it to senior player Younis Khan first. There was a lot of happiness and relief on the faces of Pakistani players. They knew they have done a remarkable job for their country. Now despite Pakistan has lost the game, everyone is praising them. This is because of the runs they have scored in the final innings.

This is the highest 4th innings total at the Gabba. Also this is the highest 4th innings total for Pakistan as well. So this fight means a lot to this team. Asad in his post-game interview said that he was always confident that he would hit something big. He was hitting the ball well in the nets and that gave him confidence that he was not out of form but out of luck a bit. Pakistan will now face Australia at MCG for the second test. Once again it will be a tight contest. Pakistan has shown a great resilience at the Gabba. They will surely put a fight against the hosts at the MCG as well.



Engineers (FRESH) -SS-Constructions – Lahore

Engineers (FRESH)
Company wants fresh engineers for different departments for its undergoing and upcoming projects.

BE or Diploma holders are welcome.

So Interested candidates are welcome to apply.Both Male and Females are encouraged to apply.

Handsome Salary Package will offered to the selected candidates.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Rs60,000.00 /month

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Engineers (FRESH)


HEC Indigenous Scholarships for Phd 2017 Apply Online Latest Advertisement- Term life

Published Date is 01-Jan-2017 Sunday

Last Date is 31-Jan-2017 Tuesday

Newspaper : Jang

Higher Education Commission – Pakistan HEC Indigenous Scholarships for Phd
Applications are invited from outstanding Pakistani / AJK nationals for PhD studies from HEC recognized Universities / Degree Awarding Institutions. The scholarship is being offered for the academic year 2016-17 in all areas of Studies / Disciplines under the project entitled -Indigenous PhD Fellowship for 5000 Scholars- Phase-II- in the following four categories:
  • Bachelor’s / Master’s 16 years Completed
  • Master’s / M.Phil  18 years enrolled
  • Master’s / M.Phil  18 years Completed
  • Enrolled in PhD on or after Spring 2015

Age Limit: 40 years for Faculty Members while 35 years for others

How to Apply / Application Procedure?
Interested eligible candidates needs to Apply online at www.hec.gov.pk
& Deposit Rs-500 as processing Test fee to account number  1742-79001334-01 Habib bank limited (HBL)
HEC Aptitude Test:
HEC will conduct Aptitude Test within one month of the closing date of apply.
Last Date to Apply — 31 January 2017 

What It’s Really Like to Endure Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Term life

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD as it is better known, is a type of anxiety disorder which mostly develops in people after they’ve witnessed or experienced horrifying events like war, homicide, natural disasters, accidents and any violent assaults.

Experiencing a traumatic event can result in various significant consequences for day to day living. It also challenges our belief about life, the world and ourselves and can make us feel extremely insecure and unsafe.

You start operating from the mentality that your world can collapse at any given moment.

Experiencing a traumatic event can result in various significant consequences for day to day living. 

Dealing with trauma has always been and will always be a part of the human experience. Much before PTSD was diagnosed, in fact, we read about it in various literary tales. Shakespeare’s Henry IV and Homer’s Iliad are two such examples.

Before the diagnosis of PTSD, suffering from the aftermaths of tragedy was seen as a weakness. It is largely due to research on war veterans and their experiences that PTSD even came to be formed.

What Happens in PTSD?

PTSD is characterised by the feeling of re-experience. Anything which reminds them of the horrific incident acts like a trigger. At first, there are feeling of shock and disbelief which may eventually emerge in the form of anger or fear.

At first, there are feeling of shock and disbelief which may eventually emerge in the form of anger or fear. A client I used to see was suffering from PTSD after the 2004 tsunami in Chennai. The sound of waves hitting the seashore – while calming to many – became her personal nightmare. Every time she would hear it, whether on the beach or in a movie or video, she would experience mind numbing panic and terror. She started having nightmares not only of the tsunami, but also of being in a situation where she couldn’t escape listening to the waves hitting the shore again and again.

Most people with PTSD try to avoid conversations, reminders or triggers which make them think of the event. In turn, they build anxiety over avoiding such reminders as well. There is also an underlying sense of detachment, lack of interest in any activities, intense flashbacks, and lack of expression. These are more often than not accompanied by physical symptoms such as sweating, having difficulty in breathing, severe headaches and trouble sleeping.

Most people with PTSD try to avoid conversations, reminders or triggers which make them think of the event.

The symptoms of PTSD can be complex and may vary from individual to individual. Visiting a psychiatrist/therapist is non-negotiable.

However, there are certain self-help techniques you can employ:

Join a Peer Support Group

Listening to other people describe their experiences makes one feel like they’re not alone. 

Support groups can be found in your city or even online and are typically either led by a counsellor or someone who themselves have been through trauma. Listening to other people describe their experiences makes one feel like they’re not alone and makes it easier to deal with our own feelings of shame and fear.

It also teaches us to ask for help and to reach out to others – thus reducing feelings of detachment.

Be Aware of the ‘Now’

You need to be more aware of the present moment. 

You need to be more aware of the present moment – whether it is feeling the taste of the chewing gum in your mouth or concentrating on the lyrics of the song playing around you. This helps with PTSD as it reduces the avoidance of negative thoughts and instead makes us accept their existence. It may be difficult at first but ultimately makes you more compassionate towards yourself.


Try to build back bonds and attachment by dedicating yourself to causes. 

People with PTSD feel an overwhelming sense of loss in relationships as the world becomes a very unsafe place for them. Try to build back bonds and attachment by dedicating yourself to causes. This will also help in building self-esteem as there will be a sense of achievement if you feel like you have something to offer.

Avoid Alcohol or Drugs

Substance abuse only worsens PTSD as it leads to more numbness and isolation. 

It can be easy to use substance as a form of escapism when you’re struggling with the aftermath of trauma – but substance abuse only worsens PTSD as it leads to more numbness and isolation.

(Prachi Jain is a psychologist, trainer, optimist, reader and lover of Red Velvets.)

Source: https://www.thequint.com